garyaboutus houses one of the largest collections of paintball specific photography on the web, and has for nearly a decade. Gary Baum, a photographer based in Southern California, whose photos have appeared in nearly every paintball publication printed today, founded the site almost ten years ago. has had contributions from almost 100 photographers and covers the vast majority of paintball events of all types the world over.






Dez has been covering paintball tournaments since 2007, working closely with since 2008, and is behind . Based out of          Singapore, he has covered paintball tournaments all over Asia and is instrumental in bringing exposure of the sport in the Asian region to the rest paintball community in the world.  





"Photography to me is not just a Profession, it's a Passion!"

Solomon Freeman is a multi-award winning accredited photographer currently based in Malaysia, the Chief of Has been part of since 2010. Prior to doing photography professionally, he is a visionary businessman & investor. Photography is his 10th new business start-up during 10 years of entrepreneurship. For more details on his adventurous background, please kindly visit his autobiography:




Jani is's newest member just getting into photographing the sport, and is stationed out of Finland. Jani serves as the resident European representative Jani's photography can be frequently seen on the web shared by players or websites such as PBNation. 




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